Princess Proverbs Mother's Day (Personalized)

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Princess Proverbs Mother's Day (Personalized)

Front: Princess. 
Okay, so it's your turn now...

Inside: Princess for a Day
Happy Mother's Day 

Every Princess deserves lots and lots of glitter, sparkle, and glam!

Let Mom know how much you adore her with this glitzed-up, glamoured-up Mother's Day card.  

Waited 'til the last minute? Need us to write on the card for you and mail it directly to Mom? No problem! We can neatly handprint whatever your heart desires on your card for you. Simply provide a valid email address at Checkout and we will email you for further details! Or, give us a call @ (719) 495-3521. (Please Note: We will never sell or give your info to anyone. Promise.) 


Printed on exquisite white, recycled papers. 
The Princess stars, heart, wand, and lips are all glittered with glass glitter (more sparkle!) 
& the Princess crown is adorned with 3 shiny gems.