Mother's & Father's Day

• 4.25"x5.50" Greeting Cards 
• Printed on soft-bone colored Recycled Papers w/embossed photo corners
• Each card shipped w/Matching Envelope
• Made in the USA 


  • DSM 309

    DSM 309

    Wishing you a very Happy Grammy's Day... (Inside) Well, I've done a lot of research, and there's absolutely nothing anywhere that says a very special Grandmother can't share in Mother's Day. Have a Happy!

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  • DSM 310

    DSM 310

    You know, the next best thing to having you for my Mom... (Inside) knowing my children will get you for their Grandma. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

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  • Princess Proverbs Mother's Day

    Princess Proverbs Mother's Day

    Every Princess deserves lots and lots of glitter, sparkle, and glam! Let Mom know how much you adore her with this glitzed-up, glamoured-up Mother's Day card.   Front: Princess. Okay, so it's your turn now... Inside: Princess for a DayHappy...

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